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GoPro Karma Drone Review

The Karma is a great drone for beginners, mainly because of how easy the controller is to use. It’s got a simple design, but it’s got everything you could want from a controller.

So whether you’ve flown drones before or not, after a few flies, you’ll be confident enough to fly your drone anywhere and everywhere.

GoPro Karma Drone

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Material Strength

The GoPro Karma is marketed mainly at beginner drone flyers, and so it’s built to withstand a few scrapes, bashes and crashes.

So if you land the Karma a little too hard, or perhaps send it flying into a bush or a tree, don’t panic too much. It can take a beating (within reason).

And if you do manage to break any part of it, it’s easy to replace propellers or limbs. Plus, if you get the GoPro Care Service, you might even be able to get it fixed or replaced for free depending on your dealers.


The controller opens like a clamshell to reveal a clear, sharp capacitive touchscreen like a video game, and classic twin-stick setup, and it’s mainly built from a sturdy plastic that’s easy to grip. It also features a wheel located to your left forefinger that controls the pitch of the camera, and buttons located to your right forefinger for the camera shutter and the shooting mode.


The battery life of the GoPro Karma is one of the weakest points of this drone there are many other drones in a similar price point including the DJI Mavic that can stay in the sky for over 25 min. with a wealth of other intelligent controls and a similar shooting quality. With flight time estimated at 20 min.

The drone takes at least an hour to recharge and the controller and grip also need to be regularly charged in order to maintain connection with the device.


The Karma Drone is also unique in that the camera sits on its nose, whereas most quadrocopter have the camera hanging underneath their fuselages. Seating the camera up front enables a greater range of upward movement. Another benefit is that the rotors and the drone chassis are rarely captured on

Unlike other drones, the camera and even the stabilizing gimbal are not permanently attached to the Karma Drone. You can pull out both the camera and gimbal after giving the front collar lock a quick twist, and attach it to the included Karma Grip for stabilized handheld video.

The Karma drone’s  greatest asset is it versatility. A fun flier that delivers great footage, but technical limitations take the shine off the GoPro Karma

Overall, the GoPro Karma is a fairly strong showing for a drone. Although it can be expensive when compared to the specifications on some of the other drones. So, if you do have some experience with flying drones and you are looking for a great image quality, this could be the choice for you especially if you are looking for a portable drone.